Let the clients go back together with us to the times in which Zakopane was the capital of craft of top class, and the gifts manufactured there were famous for its quality and uniqueness not only in Poland but worldwide.

Choose yourself the direction of cooperation you would like to start. "Góralskie Praliny", jewellery, lamps…. this is only a part of our possibilities.

We appreciate a professional approach and we are oriented to the long-term partner correlation.

If you would like to start cooperation with us, contact us using a contact form.

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In our Oscypek pralines, we closed all the benefits of local nature and traditional Zakopane recipes: sweet and sour notes of cranberry, blackcurrant and berries, spicy scent of angelica, and finally the taste of traditional highland cheese.

The highest quality of Góralskie Pralines is the result of efforts of the best Tatra confectioners. Their original sweets combine velvety chocolate and surprising filling. They are also responsible for selecting the highest quality ingredients that will fill the noblest palate. Chocolate mountain crystals require a suitable setting. That is why we pack them in fabulously decorated rosettes.

Podhale flavors and recipes, unique shape, hand-made and elegant packaging - all this makes our pralines unique and perfectly suited for sweet gifts.