Let the clients go back together with us to the times in which Zakopane was the capital of craft of top class, and the gifts manufactured there were famous for its quality and uniqueness not only in Poland but worldwide.

Choose yourself the direction of cooperation you would like to start. "Góralskie Praliny", jewellery, lamps…. this is only a part of our possibilities.

We appreciate a professional approach and we are oriented to the long-term partner correlation.

If you would like to start cooperation with us, contact us using a contact form.

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GóralskiePralines Jewelry Lamps
Types of Lamps We invite you to the store

Wall lamps are an ideal form of side lighting and a great way to optimize the illumination of each room. If you are looking for a unique lamp that will become an extraordinary decoration of your living room, you have come to the perfect place.

Our proposals will surprise you with the form and craftsmanship and will delight all your guests. We have made them from the highest quality components such as brass or chrome, and decorated with luxurious stones, such as Designer sconces with an original shape will be an extraordinary addition in any interior - classic and modern.

Designer hanging lamps inspired by the original Zakopane oscypek will be a unique addition in every interior - classic and modern. It will add luxury character to the interiors; will catch the guests eyes, and will introduce a moody atmosphere.

Our hanging lamps are made of exceptionally durable materials of the highest quality. What distinguishes them from other lamps is certainly a unique world-wide shape: the inspiration for its creation was the spindle-shaped form of the traditional Tatra oscypek. A dot over the "i" in each model are precious stones: Swarovski crystals, with which we cooperate.